Join us for worship on Sundays at 9:00 am in-person or   online.  


Being part of a church family is a wonderful way to connect to God and others. At Trinity, we offer classes for those who are ready to take the next step in their faith journey and are interested in learning more about what the church teaches, how we are called to follow Jesus and the joy of serving Him. Whether you are transferring from another Lutheran or other Christian church or are joining a church for the first time, there is a class for you.


New Life Begins with Baptism!

All are welcome to be baptized! We celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Baptism with those of all ages, from infants through adults. For more information check out our Baptism page HERE.

Membership by Adult Instruction

Adult Instruction classes are held twice a year at Trinity. 
These classes are called Christian Discipleship 1 and Christian Discipleship 2. The classes are free and meet once a week on Sundays after church for 5 weeks. (Sept/Oct, Jan/Feb) Both sessions are required for new members. 
All materials are provided and we use a video-based Course in Christianity, called GodConnects, from Lutheran Hour Ministries. Participants complete the course in segments and meet to discuss what they are learning. Upon completion of the class, paticipants may be baptized (if necessary), confirmed, and welcomed into membership.   
If you are interested in being part of the next class, contact the church office or click here to ask a question, register and learn more

Membership by Child Confirmation

At Trinity, children are enrolled in confirmation classes beginning in the 7th grade.  After two years of instruction (classes meet on Wednesdays from 6-8 pm) the students are examined and then confirmed on Pentecost Sunday.  Using a Module Program allows for students to work through 10 modules over the course of 2 years. Students that are currently enrolled at Trinity Lutheran School will receive 3 (OT/NT) of their module credits via the religion classes offered as part of the regular curriculum. Students that attend public schools will have the OT/NT modules offered during the summer months.

Becoming a Member by Transfer

Baptized and confirmed members in good standing of other LCMS congregations who desire to join Trinity, should first speak with their home pastor to request a transfer. When the records are recieved by Trinity, membership is approved by the Board of Elders at the next scheduled meeting.  Members by Transfer are invited to attend the 4-week Christian Discipleship 2 class and an Orientation Session to get a quick overview of our congregation's history and our mission, vision and goals.
Members by Transfer will also be welcomed publically at our New Member Reception Sunday.

New Member Orientation Session

To compliment and complete the process of your membership into this wonderful family of believers you are invited to the Orientation Session to get a tour of this 100 yr old church building, meet a few of our members and get a quick overview of our congregation's history and our mission, vision and goals.  These sessions will be held as needed.