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"People won't know what a friend they have in Jesus until they have a friend in you."   David Meijer, Past President Michigan District LCMS

We are everyday missionaries joining Jesus on His Mission by making friends with not-yet Christians and the no-longers-going-to-church in our spheres of influence.

Come Join in the Jesus-Adventure with us!


Step one: 10 week video & discussion class. Next class TBD.  If you have 3-5 interested friends a class can be organized!
AND/OR buy/read the book Joining Jesus on His Mission by Greg Finke. Used copies available for $5.   If you want to talk about what you are reading/learning contact Pastor Riddle or Susan Franck
Step two: Join a Small Group/Missional Community  for encouragement as you apply what you’ve learned.     9:00am on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month  via ZOOM. Click here to join or learn more!
Dig deeper with the Mission Road Map Conference videos
Learn more about Dwelling 1:14  with Greg & Susan Finke Authors of Joining Jesus on His Mission


To continue the practice of Joining Jesus on His Mission as an everyday missionary, Trinity members are encourage to do 3 simple things.

Seek the Kingdom: I will practice seeking, recognizing and responding to what Jesus is already doing in the lives of people around me.
Invest in Friendship: I will follow a simple plan for getting to know and spending unhurried time with at least ONE neighbor, coworker or fellow student who is living without the grace and truth of Jesus.
Encourage one another: Whether it is in small groups called Missional Communities or in conversations at my dinner table, I will commit to having regular 'Take-10 Conversations' so I receive the encouragement and accountability I need for joining Jesus on His Mission.
Click here for the 'Take-10' conversation starters (Take-10 means 'take ten minutes' to talk about how life on mission with Jesus is going.)
Join a Missional Community Small Group
 Why participate in a Missional Community?
Greg says,  "With a little help from your friends, you would have your batteries recharged, your missional toolbox restocked and your hearts refilled.  Of course, you know your mission is not carried out as you meet with the other missionaries. Your mission is carried out in the places you live, work and play. However, you also know that without meeting regularly with these missionary friends, you could easily wear out and give up. So in that way, what we call the missional community is absolutely critical to the success of the mission."  Greg Finke pg 159 Joining Jesus on His Mission 
Why participate in Joining Jesus on His Mission?
“Joining Jesus on His Mission will alter the way you see your life as a follower of Jesus and take you beyond living your life FOR Jesus to living life WITH Jesus. Simple, powerful and applicable insights show you how to be on mission and recognize where Jesus is already at work in your neighborhoods, workplaces and schools. You will feel both relief and hope. You may even hear yourself say, 'I can do this!' as you start responding to the everyday opportunities he is placing in your path.” - Greg Finke, author of  Joining Jesus on His Mission
“The time I spent studying the “Joining Jesus on His Mission – How to Be an Everyday Missionary” book was very enlightening to me. The approach to evangelizing is different than what I learned before. I am on this mission with Jesus, not for Jesus. He is already working in people’s lives and I am to help Him on His Mission. Whether it's a friend, family member, or someone I don't even know, I pray for opportunities to get to know that person better by listening to them, building a relationship with them, and showing by my actions that I am a Christian. Then they will want to experience the peace and joy I have in knowing Jesus.”           – Pauline Ropp, member of Trinity


“One of the main reasons to take the Joining Jesus class is less stress, more life, more laugher and more fruit that many of us who have taken the class are seeing in our lives right now.  It’s having a new mindset in our daily life, work and neighborhood. It opens us up to showing our love, sharing patience, noticing other people and letting them see the love of Jesus in us.          – Claudia Rozelle, member of Trinity
“This is evangelism that has a chance to work. We all want to evangelize but past attempts haven’t always been effective.  This class gives us a new approach. This class helps us to look outward.” – Paul Franck, member of Trinity


“As a believer, this study will help you to answer the question, ‘Now what?’ for yourself. Finke leads you logically to a simple 5-point guide for growing in Christian witness. Knowing these 5 steps will give you confidence to share your faith journey with others”.    – Sharon Jaska, member of Trinity
“This book is incredible! Greg’s revelation on reaching the world for Christ is refreshing, relieving and invigorating. He shows us how to follow Jesus and get beyond all the thinking that can paralyze us and take the joy out of our calling.”. – Sarah Guldalian, Producer of Evangelism Training, Lutheran Hour Ministries
“If I were to recommend one book that invites people into the mission of God, this would be it! Practical! Playful! Powerful! Greg is a master at helping people simply start!”.                – Dr. Jock Ficken, Executive Leader, Pastoral Leadership Institute

This study is not a program, it’s a lifestyle.