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God, are You there?

Everyone, at some point, asks this question. It can come at moments of sterile, academic reflection or in times of deep despair. “God, if You are there, why don’t You show Yourself to me?” In this confusing world where authenticity is so elusive, it seems like we cannot connect to God.

In truth we can’t—but the good news is that God connects with us. Our adult instruction class tells this unique, unequaled story. Wherever you may find yourself, we will help you explore what the Bible says about this remarkably loving God, and how this love gives direction and meaning to your life today and forever.

This course is designed for those who are interested in learning or reviewing the foundations of the Christian faith. 

GodConnects is a video-based adult confirmation course developed by Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM). It has been doctrinally reviewed by the Lutheran Church-Misouri Synod (LCMS) and covers Christian doctrine in 12 topics.

Participants complete this online video Course in Christianity over 9 weeks  and will meet on Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm to discuss what they/we are learning.  A complete discussion guide is provided to those attending classes.  At the end of the summer participants may choose if they want to take the next step to become members.  Click here to ask questions or join the next class starting July 7, 2021

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Introduction to the Course:


1. Why Jesus?why Jesus

2. Why the Bible?Why Bible

3. God's LawGod's Law 
4. Nature of GodNature of God 5. Who is Jesus Christ?Who is Jesus  6. Who is the Holy Spirit?
Who is HS
7. PrayerPrayer 8. BaptismBaptism 9. Confession and AbsolutionConfession and Absolution
10. CommunionCommunion 11. The End of TimeEnd of Time 12. Christian Life
Christian Life