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joanie galeMeet Joanie Gale

What brought her to Trinity: Her parents, the Koch’s, were members. Her dad went to Trinity School (our first school in downtown Jackson) in the late 1890s. Her husband, Dick, joined later, after their daughter was confirmed. She has been a member for 84 years.

What groups or activities has she been involved in since she became a member: Joan was very involved in Sunday School, especially as a teacher for over 35 years. She was part of Ladies Aid, and enjoyed working on crafts. She’s been in charge of the “Cradle Roll” program for many years, which sends out biblical and age-appropriate information to parents to talk to their children about Jesus. Pamphlets are sent out periodically from age 6 months to 4 years, to nurture the child's spiritual, emotional, and physical development.

Interesting memories: Joan’s mom was a good friend of Emma Stowe, a long-time member and benefactor of Trinity, and they would have meals at Emma’s house. She remembers when the church had two aisles down the middle, with three sets of pews. She remembers attending confirmation classes at the Parish House (the building to the East of the church, now our parking lot), and stopping by the parsonage with her mom to “announce” for communion for the upcoming Sunday.

So a shout-out today to Joan Gale – long-time member and follower of Jesus!