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Meet Carolyn Liechti (nee Bergman), great-great-grandaughter of Trinity founding member Ludwig Miller.

carolyn liechtiWhat brought her to Trinity? Carolyn was born in Jackson on December 1, 1934. She was baptized at Trinity on January 20, 1935 by Rev. Riedel. She was confirmed in 1948. Carolyn was brought to Trinity through her parents, Walter and Virginia Bergman, long-time members. She's been a member for 85 years.

What groups or activities has she been involved in since becoming a member? Carolyn attended Sunday School regularly, and also was a Sunday School teacher and piano accompanist. She was involved in Walther League (the youth group)
, sang in the Adult Choir starting at age 15 (which required the approval of soprano “veterans”), attended a Young Singles group, was a member of Trinity Guild and Ladies Aid, participated in many Mother/Daughter banquets and Trinity’s bowling league. She’s involved in the greeter program, has been and still is a Reader, is in the choir and still leads a LifeLight bible study.

Any interesting memories? Long-time friends Bob and Joyce Oberst, Marv and Virg Swanson, Barry and Grace (Fuchs) Harris, Ed and Ellen Blanco, and Sue and Dave Voigt. Favorite pastors: Dr. Krieger and Rev. Buegler. Favorite events: Christmas choral concerts and Mother/Daughter banquets.

God's blessings to Carolyn!