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Please join us for Sunday worship in-person or watch online at 9:00 am 


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Trinity Lutheran School

4900 McCain Rd., Jackson, MI 49201
Email: office@tlsjackson.com
Office: 517.750.2105

Fax: 517.750.9945

Lisa Singleton
Principal / ECC Director
lisasingleton@tlsjackson.com zLisa Singleton.JPG


Karen Bone
School Office Manager
office@tlsjackson.com  517.750.2105 
aKaren Bone.JPG


Kristen Dill
Asst. ECC Director
kristendill@tlsjackson.com zKristen Dill.JPG

Melissa Carmer
Preschool 3 Teacher
melissacarmer@tlsjackson.com Melissa Carmer.JPG

Lacey Salter
Grades: K & Young 5's teacher
laceysalter@tlsjackson.com Lacey Salter.JPG

Kathy Frusti
Grades: 1 & 2 teacher
kathyfrusti@tlsjackson.com Kathy Frusti.JPG

Lee Erfourth
Grades: 3 & 4 teacher
leeerfourth@tlsjackson.com Lee Erfourth.JPG


Clint Genthner
Grades: 5 & 6 teacher
clintgenthner@tlsjackson.com Clint Genthner.JPG

Elizabeth Valente
Grades: 7 & 8 teacher

Elizabeth Valente.JPG

Scott Moilanen
TLM Music Director
School Band/Choir/Praise Team
scottmoilanen@tlsjackson.comScott Moilanen.JPG

 Sharen Erfourth
Lunch Program Director


Chris Lanham
Athletic Director